Brooklyn Children's Book

Now that I have a little boy (Brooklyn), my hands have been tied.  I have now a wife, 2 sons (2 and 4 legs) a job, and no time to myself.  I've been trying to stay loyal to my craft, and my artistic persona by that part of myself always seems to get the shit end of my time stick.  My creativity isn't lessened any, its just ignored more.  What to do?

The easiest, cleanest, mess-free way to satisfy this undying creative hunger that grows within me is to take photos.  I figured that I'd be doing a lot of this anyway with your first born, but having him as a subject to basically capture for the entire family gives this idea purpose.  I'm essentially his personal, professional photographer!  So what do I do with all these photos... Oh, I have an idea. 

The idea started with wanting just to capture images of the copious amounts of adorable clothing we were buying and receiving.  This was a new world to the both of us, and he was growing so rapidly that every time the shutter closed, he'd seem to be larger!  I started throwing a white sheet underneath him to help compliment the clothing and pose.   One day Eva brings home this large IPAD Pro randomly and I start playing with the pen.  I doodle a bit and start making some marks around the images I've been taking then the idea took off....

I've set a deadline for myself to have the book totally designed, written, and at least one copy produced by years end.  From here, I'll began to sell these books on my website, and send them to publishers in hopes of it getting picked up.  I haven't stapled down a finished title at this point, and the layout of the book is almost there.  I'll keep the details secret (along with the latest images) but I'll share below what i've released to social media.