Family Painting of Cashus.

I originally did a painting of Cashus when we first got em.  He was much younger, and I was just doing a study and not really a finalized painting.  Even thought we had the PERFECT frame for the painting, I felt it wasn't a final for our home.  All in all, it turned out.  Eva's parent's came to visit and they loved the work (with the painting) and purchased it from me.  The painting currently hangs in their kitchen in Schekon (Switzerland).

After the sketch, (freehanded) I then spray fixed the pencil to seal the marks before acrylics.  The plan was to try and handle this painting the same as I did before, and kinda like I did with the desert works that I was doing in 2015.   

Taking into account the scale, the stature of the pose, the frame, and the intention of the painting, I decided to change up the game.  I started researching baroque portraiture, and paintings from the greats of past noblemen from that time.  John Singer Sargent has always been a favorite of mine, and his technique on handing the background directly influenced the outcome of this painting.  It was then I chose to turn the background a turkey umber/burnt umber mix, that would bring Cashus to the forefront, which enhanced his already regal stance, and draw emphasis to the collar, and light source.  Cooling down the shadow with a thick coat of deep phthalo blue helped make a stark contrast in finish, and in temperature. 

I hung this heavy shit myself.  It had to be about 55lbs.  Purchased something called a "cleat", and a stud finder to make sure it was secure.  The picture isn't the best of the painting, but it's the latest photo of the painting hanging where it lives, and Eva feeding Brooklyn.   Oh, can Cashus' can't be bothered in this photo.