I know nothing about this phenomenon.  I have no experience with this career change.  I'm a bit worried about the "unknown", but I do know one thing.  That this feeling is to be expected and that I'm not alone.  

I'm EXCITED and I'm seeing myself change everyday, naturally.  I'm doing things a little different than I used to without thinking about them, so I wonder how men change physiologically!?!

Anyway,  I'm over the moon, and I know how lucky we are.  Not everyone is so fortunate and we understand that.  And we are both anxious to bring this baby BOY (yes, it's a boy and I'm not even going to tell you how much that made me happy) into this world, and make him a contributing, and honest member of society.  

I'll try and post more as I gain more to speak about!  Below, you'll be able to see what Eva looks like nowadays. 

And Oh,... we don't have the name finalized yet.  But we are more than happy to hear suggestions!