King Cashus

King Cashus, Lord of Utahouse, King of the Andals and the First Men, Prince of the Seven Oaks and Protector of the Realm was going to be his first name.  No Joke.  Then we figured it was a bit outdated, and entirely to long so we shorted it to just King Cashus.  Really, it's just Cashus.  We sometimes call em "Cash".... He even responds to whistles now.

Seriously though, we when with "Cashus" for a few different reasons.  Firstly, he's named after arguable the greatest boxer of all time (in his prime).  The prime part is important, lets be clear.  We are not talking about the Forman/Ali age.   I was aiming toward the Sonny Liston/Floyd Patterson Clay.  He's named after that man, in his prime.  Also, Eva's father was always called "Cassius" growing up (apparently for his shit talking and walking ability).  We are very alike in that manner.  And, it starts with a C, like yours truly.  (Fact : Everyone in my immediately family, has a name that starts with the letter C.)

Raising a dog isn't an easy gig.  It's just not.  It's much more like raising a kid and I know that you've probably heard that before.  Do you know how I came to this conclusion??  It wasn't the being called "daddy", or the getting up early in the morning to feed him when he's crying.  One very simple act I found myself doing made me feel like a parent.  Imagine this : Think of the typical American life vision that our society makes us believe is the america dream.  White picket fence, with a back yard where the mother is able to do dishes and peer directly out the kitchen windows to monitor her child's actions.  Same shit happened to me.  I'm here doing dishes, and as I'm washing away, I'm looking through the window of the kitchen for him, searching throughout my field of vision to spot him after ventured out my sight.  Parent. 

I'll talk about him and his actions more.  I'm sure.  But I'm just gonna post a few image of this guy.  For those who don't know, he's a Hungarian Vizsla.  We got him from a breeder in Sacramento.  I'm not even going to start talking about he process to get this dog.  I'm just going to skip all that shit (because that's exactly what it was) and just get to the images.