Petrichor is very interesting.  And when I was told about what it was, my immediate reaction was something along the lines of, "thats a THING!?!".  By definition, Petrichor is : a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.  Accompanied by the chemical/oil Geosmin, these work together to give us that earthly, natural smell that you can find in some wines/berries that hang low to the ground.  Anyway, thats what it IS to me...  

Obviously, by now you may have figured out that Petrichor is being used as a metaphor.  To me, its signifies the most positive part about hitting the bottom .  The resurrection, the revival, the recovery... and the continuation.  I struggled with all of these (both artistically, and personally) after a darker time that I'm just recently able to confront.  I told myself time and time again, as well as telling others that I was over it, and that "I'm good", and knew it was a front.  During that time, I had absolutely NO desire to entertain my craft.  And that to me felt like a breach of faith with the commitment I made with myself years ago to continue to produce (regardless of the circumstances).   

When I finally came through it, or "weathered the storm", my confirmation was in the instantanious surge of creative inspiration that had been expired for so long.   One day, it just CAME BACK.  And when it did,  I didn't realize how desolate my world was without it.  

This show means much more to me than a posting of work.  It doesn't have a traditional theme that your going to see ingrained in all the works, linking them all together.  No deeper meaning here or there.  It represents simply, "creating again".  Just getting back to my craft, which is like the smell in the morning that I miss simply because it hasn't stopped raining!!  And since the sun has been back out, I've been the happiest I can remember being. 

Taken in San Francisco, next to a meadow overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Taken in San Francisco, next to a meadow overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.