Goodbye, NYC.

I’m writing as if I'm speaking, so forgive me in advance for any typo's or grammatical mishaps.  



After about 7 years, 6 years with the most innovative company (arguably ever), 3 boroughs and 30+ roommates later, I gotta hang it up.  But I hang it up proud, knowing that this city didn’t beat me.  I didn’t have a career ending injury that caused me to retire, or anything of that nature.  I was allowed to retire at my will.  I might just go into broadcasting now.  I guess this note is kinda like a broadcast.  Anyway.  On with it. 

NYC has been oh, so real.  I lived out the most explosive part of my 20’s in the rotten apple and wouldn’t change it for the world.  Yes, "the rent is too damn high".  I would have easily been able to pay my mother’s and sister’s house note with what I payed in rent, only to afford a room fit for a hobbit.  Yes, the winters are brutal, and when it rains, it pours.  Yes, the city is loud.  You know its bad when you go to somewhere that happens to be quiet, and it keeps you up at night.  Yes, the city is responsible for some of the foulest aroma’s known to man.  Yes, the city is all of these things and more, so I have no problem saying goodbye to the consistent, yearly increase of public transit fare.  Goodbye to the train cars in the summer with broken AC units.  Goodbye to 2.5 hour long rides from any airport to my hobbit hole and Goodbye to $10 beers!

In saying goodbye, my heart hangs heavy because there are features of the city that I will miss.  The Met. The IMAX theatre at lincoln square. The cheap sushi restaurants that would hold me down when the pockets run thin.  The Apple Store, UWS will be missed.  Sure, you can make the argument that it’s no different than any other NYC location or anywhere around the globe for that matter, however the team is one of a kind.  The GardenThe botanical gardensThe Frick.  The Brooklyn Museum.  5spotGin Mill.  Go-Go-Gi. Down the Hatch.  The list can go on and on…

But the city would have meant NOTHING to me without my guys: Brett “the threat” Jensen.  Chris Randalls.  Sil Morales.  Mauricio Salmon.  Clinton “gaybot” Saloga.  Nick Glover.  Marcelo Phillips.  Jake Ehrlund.  Frank Tribble.  Everett Saunders.  “Killa” Kain Naylor.  Erik Jones.  Michael Nice.  Alexmil Reyes. Giuseppe Maione.  Cristian Valbuena. Lex Brijmohan. Vlad Wienstein.  Blair Melbourne.  Marc Kwan.  Mel Carter.  Scott Gockerman.  The whole genius bar team (including all admins). 

And then theres the ladies.  This list is tricky as you could imagine. So here goes :  Eva Müller.  Lisa Jayne. Kriste Marciulionis. “K-Dot” Casey Stephenson. Michelle Beck. Wrenn Schmidt. Lisa Hartwig. Marcia Shapiro. Rebecca Woody.  Nina Siman.  Karla Soler Riba.  Nadine Tlili.  Kristi Wisner.  Karina Vest.  Jess Leung.  Laura Bond.  Liz Centolella.  Justine Whittaker.  Victoria G-B.  Jessica Pilot.  Maxine Medina.  Wendy Sheehan.  Natalie Gandolfo.  Nataleigh Colleen O'Connell.  Maggie Watson.  JD Harper.  Eleni Bourinaris.  Kathleen Woestehoff.  Francis Angulo.  Sara Sidler.  Stephanie Bracher.  Mara Buhler.

Some of the people in the list above don’t really care for me.  And to be perfectly honest, the feeling is mutual, but I'm able to put my pride aside and acknowledge that everyone from the lists above have meant something very special to me at one time or another, and are a part of my experience in that magical city.  I will forever be grateful of my experiences with all of these beautiful people.  Anyone I may have forgotten... sorry.  If it bothers you that much, I can add you later! lol

Hello San Francisco!!!  We will see what I have to say about you in the years to come!