Shawn Barbers Solo Show...

As I said before,.. living in NYC is (in my opinion) as close as you will get to living in the center of the planet.  Anyone, and everyone seemingly comes through here.  Making it here say something, especially when you don’t live here.  So when your a successful artist,.. of course you show here!

Shawn Barber was the teacher at school that everyone wanted, but only a few lucky bastards actually got to get em.  I was one of them.  Before meeting him, I couldn’t paint.  Liquin, what??  Who’s Alizarin Crimson??  Yeah, it was like that.  Then the uphill battle started.  If I picked up one bit of philosophy from him, its pretty simple.  He told us to always “paint what you want”. And if my work lacks visual consistency, that might be why.  As what I want changes or shifts as I grow older, so does my subject matter.  

Needless to say, for more than one reason, I respect him as a teacher, and even more so as an artist.  Good job Shawn.  Oh, and thank you for being a teacher.  

If you have the chance, and are in NYC now, go take a look.  Joshua Liner Gallery.  Enjoy. 


Matthew Buck,.. Great artist, friend of mine came to the show, prepared.  His first tattoo he was showing off, which I think is pretty dope.