Note to followers..

This first post is more so going to be in the form of an apology.  I’ve been on somewhat of an artistic sabbatical for the last year and a half, some might say.  In this hiatus, I’ve been traveling around, living life... but not really doing much of anything artistically.  Bad job here, commission there but no real work that I’d like to have accompany the rest of my portfolio.   I will take the best parts of this artistic vacation, and apply them to life but its just time to get back on the ball.  


I’m currently preparing for a showing that will take place june 2013, so there is NO reason as to why I shouldn’t have more consistent content going further.  To anyone who came to my site time and time again, to see nothing ever change from before... I’m sorry for that.  


The site is still being constructed, and there will be minor tweaks here and there, but it will be finalized shortly.  In this blog section, this is a chance for me to keep somewhat of an online diary.  Things I’m working on, news... things that cross my mind, photo’s/commentary of shows I’ve been too and work progress.


ps.  typo’s on my site will happen.  I’m a painter, not a writer.